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Grupo de Física de la Atmósfera

Grupo de Física de la Atmósfera (GFAT)

Bienvenido al sitio web del Grupo de Física de la Atmósfera de la Universidad de Granada (España).

En este lugar encontrará información sobre el Grupo, sus miembros y las actividades desarrolladas entorno a la docencia e investigación.


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  • Identificador de referencia: 735
  • Autor/es: Sorribas,M.
  • Autor/es: Adame,J. A.
  • Autor/es: Olmo,F. J.
  • Autor/es: Vilaplana,J. M.
  • Autor/es: Gil-Ojeda,M.
  • Autor/es: Alados-Arboledas,L.
  • Título: A long-term study of new particle formation in a coastal environment: Meteorology, gas phase and solar radiation implications
  • Revista: Science of the Total Environment
  • Año de publicacion: 2015
  • Volumen: 511 --- Ejemplar:
  • Página inicial: 723 --- Otras páginas: 737
  • Abstract: New particle formation (NPF) was investigated at a coastal background site in Southwest Spain over a four-year period using a Scanning Particle Mobility Sizer (SMPS). The goals of the study were to characterise the NPF and to investigate their relationship to meteorology, gas phase (O3, SO2, CO and NO2) and solar radiation (UVA, UVB and global). A methodology for identifying and classifying the NPF was implemented using the wind direction and modal concentrations as inputs. NPF events showed a f [Más info.]

  • Identificador de referencia: 737
  • Autor/es: Córdoba-Machado,S.
  • Autor/es: Palomino-Lemus,R.
  • Autor/es: Gámiz-Fortis,S. R.
  • Autor/es: Castro-Díez,Y.
  • Autor/es: Esteban-Parra,M. J.
  • Título: Assessing the impact of El Niño Modoki on seasonal precipitation in Colombia
  • Revista: Global and Planetary Change
  • Año de publicacion: 2015
  • Volumen: 124 --- Ejemplar:
  • Página inicial: 41 --- Otras páginas: 61
  • Abstract: The influence of the tropical Pacific SST on precipitation in Colombia is examined using a 341 station dataset covering the period 1979-2009. Through a singular value decomposition the two main coupled variability modes show SST patterns clearly associated with canonical El Niño and El Niño Modoki, respectively, presenting great coupling strength with the corresponding seasonal precipitation modes in Colombia. The results reveal that, mainly in winter and summer, canonical El Niño and E [Más info.]

  • Identificador de referencia: 736
  • Autor/es: Valenzuela,A.
  • Autor/es: Olmo,F. J.
  • Autor/es: Lyamani,H.
  • Autor/es: Antón,M.
  • Autor/es: Titos,G.
  • Autor/es: Cazorla,A.
  • Autor/es: Alados-Arboledas,L.
  • Título: Aerosol scattering and absorption Angström exponents as indicators of dust and dust-free days over Granada (Spain)
  • Revista: Atmospheric Research
  • Año de publicacion: 2015
  • Volumen: 154 --- Ejemplar:
  • Página inicial: 1 --- Otras páginas: 13
  • Abstract: This paper focuses on the assessment of atmospheric aerosol optical properties at the surface and in atmospheric column during both desert dust and dust-free conditions over Granada, South-eastern Iberian Peninsula. Indeed, the spectral dependence of aerosol absorption and scattering properties is analyzed in detail. The analyzed period ranges from June 2008 to December 2010. On dusty days, the mean scattering Angström exponent value obtained in the atmospheric column (SAEcol) (0.5±0.3) wa [Más info.]